2006 Reunion Attendees

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We tried our best to get pictures by class of everyone that came to the reunion but we did manage to miss a few....

Class of 73 and 74 Trudi Miller Walsh '73, Linn Grider Marshal '73, and Lisa Mallard Basso '74
Class of 74 Class of 74

Steve Sanford, Debi Olsen Sowell, Trixie Miller, and Suzanne Gammage

Class of 75 Class of 75

Al "Junior" Shelton  and Janis Hill Sahner

Class of 76 Class of 76

Chad Angell, Tommy Davis, Kathy Gammage Champlin,  Linda Hoshstrasser, and Sarry Habiby

Class of 77 Class of 77

Back:  Sofia Velex Blanco, Bill McNamara, Cyndi Duke Hobbs, and Margie Roulston

Front:  Roth Baughman and Fahad Murad

Class of 78 Class of 78

Robert Bates, Barry Mathews, Stephanie McDowell, Karen Fisher Melendez, and Paul Anderson

Class of 79 Class of 79

Nancy Taylor, Kim Dow Shelton, and Leslie Harris Senac

Class of 82 and 85 Darryl English '82, Adam Ehrenberg '85, Maria Rocha Amaral '85 and David Miller '85
Class of 83, 84, and 86 Karim Kassab '86, Diana Deming '83, and David Villarina '84
Class of 86 Class of 86

Brenda Reinhart Fenn, Antoinette Wannebo, Wael Masri, Brett Moore Jones, Karim Kassab, and Iracema Araujo Rosheck

Class of 87 Class of 87

Kelly Kangas Jack, Kavita Uppal, and Karol Kangas Nikoloski

Class of 88 and 89 Pat Flynn '89, Beth Barnes Keller '88, Damon Berry '89,  Jeanine Trumbull Dillon '88, Doug Tussey '89, and Christy Murphy Sands '89
Class of 90 Class of 90

Peg Flynn and Ryun Godfrey

Ian_DrWannebo_Kerry Ian Gieser '80, Dr. Wannebo, and Kerry Fisher Fallon '80
DrWannebo_Darryl_MsChaudhri Dr. Wannebo, Darryl English '82, and Ms. Chaudrhi

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